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Pankaj kohli

When German born Woody, baked his first bread in India 40 years ago, he would never had dreamt that he had laid the seed for the famous German Bakeries. Now found everywhere throughout India and Nepal, the German Bakeries can be seen wherever foreign tourists go.

"I missed my good German bread so much", explains Woody, "and it was so frustrating to eat that so called white sandwich bread (a legacy of the British). Even though I had never done it before, I tried to bake bread on my own one day.  Germany is famous for its hardy, nutritious breads and even the most remote of villages has its own bakery.
The first of Woody's breads were done in a clay pot, baked on a simple kerosene stove, and this method made lovely bread, unlike anything yet available in India.

Later, while in Goa, Woody often went after midnight to use the oven of some bakers in Anjuna, to bake some bread. Since Woody's dreams to live as a painter in India didn’t pan out, he decided to try to sell his breads at the Anjuna flea market. It was a big success from start; he began selling bread slices with cheese, tuna, peanut butter and jam.
From now on, Woody would come every winter to Goa, selling his breads and sandwiches at the flea market. He saved enough money so he could live happily in the Himalayas for the other half of the year. But there came a time, when Woody was tired of the whole hippy scene and the ever smoking fellow traveler, he began to look for something different.
Woody ventured to Nepal, where he set up a bakery called Pumpernickel Bakery. After great success his Nepali/Tibetan partner kicked him out of the business. Situations like this often happen to foreigners who start businesses in the name of a local partner.

But soon another chance came for Woody. He was invited to Pune by some friends, got a loan and started the famous German bakery there (Pune Bakery ran until 2010, when it was the target of a bomb blast, and was destroyed). Meanwhile, from the money he had made in Pune, Woody started the German Bakery in Anjuna. This time, learning from past mistakes, he formed a company and made everything legally in his name.With the Anjuna Bakery, for the first time Woody was owning a place of his own. He began to cultivate his dreams of working in health food, taking the best ideas from Indian and European cuisine and creating healthy and tasty foods. Organic grains came from the Himalayas, the ideas came from everywhere. It was definitely the first health food restaurant in India!

Woody has a list of many firsts, in India, to his name: Making organic whole meal breads , tandoori roti and puri  from different grains like ( millets, rye, buckwheat). He also introduced wheatgrass juice, tofu, millet pudding , sprouts. As well as the not so healthy but irresistible sweets like: real black forest cakes,sweet creamcheese cake, apple strudel and chocolate pies etc...

Since 2005, Pankaj Kohli has taken over the German Bakery Anjuna (after 13 years of hard work in the bakery) from Woody. Pankaj, originally from the Himalayas, has been running the German Bakery for the past 20 years under his management.

The German Bakery Anjuna has grown into one of the biggest bakeries and health food restaurants in Goa. It embodies the original ideas and inspiration that launched Woody's German bakery. It's standards of delicious baked goods, organic health food and a pleasant atmosphere.

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