german bakery - Anjuna - Goa


German Bakery is close for monsoon - welcome back in 1 november,see you soon friend's

Pankaj kohli

Anjuna Bakery is an organic health food restaurant, which included some non vegetarian items. Our Priority is to serve you fresh food, which are healthy and necessary to keep your mind & body strong and sharp.

Enjoy our beatiful garden atmosphere, tasty cuisines and chillout music. Please be patient with our cooking time. We cook everything fresh and all our spices are natural and home made.

Reading the information will be able make better use of our menu:

  • all juices & shakes are done fresh, without adding of water, ice, sugar etc.
  • ice cubes are made from safe water purifier, also there is safe water to take home free of charge
  • most of grains we use are orangicly grown, mainly from Himalayas.
  • we don't useany supplement to food like coloring agents or magnesium phosphate etc. We also don't sell chemical drinks as Cola, Fanta and others.
  • if you want any items not shown in our menu or in a different way you want don't hesitate to ask the waiter.

If you have any complains or suggestions, or you feel waiter does not understand you proper, please contact to Pankaj.

We are original German Bakery, we have no branch in Goa or somewhere else!


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